Generation 1, The Hope Legacy

Chapter 1.2- Watched


“Yes… that’s me.” I waved slowly to the strange middle age woman staring at me with a look of anticipation.

“Sorry, I startled you…” she replied and eyed me skeptically “My name is Clara Bjergsen.”

“Hi, Clara… I’m Jace- but you already knew that…?”

“Yes, I was sent here by council to be your guide.” she stated brightly. Great, they sent a spy here to check on me? Seriously?

“Oh, so you’re here to take notes about me like a little science experiment?” I replied harshly.


“Not exactly.” she laughed and shrugged “I am supposed to help you, guide you. I guess you probably don’t know anything about Windenburg- but I am their former Mayor and the council enlisted me to help you.”

She seemed honest enough- and she even seemed a little friendly especially given my abrasive attitude. Also, I am in no position to turn down any possible friends or social interaction.

I sighed “Sorry, I am just… overwhelmed. By all of this.” I gestured to the vast, empty space surrounding us.

“Yeah, I can imagine.” she laughed lightly “Look I am no expert at this…” she looked around pointedly “I don’t think anyone could be. This has never been done before, obviously, and you know you’re kind of famous, right? The whole world is watching this.” she nodded her head pointedly to a tree and gave me a nervous look. I took a fleeting glance, and to my surprise there were camera’s mounted onto the branches.

“Literally watching me?” I asked angrily now, this wasn’t part of the deal. Was it?

“Er…” she looked around nervously, I could just tell that she wasn’t supposed to say anything else on the matter or maybe she wasn’t even supposed to have said anything at all. She purposefully faced her back to the cameras mounted near us and looked at me pleadingly- the message was clear enough.

I took a deep breath in and out to calm myself before I spoke again. “So, I guess I’ll be seeing you around then?”

“Yes, you’ll be seeing a few faces around. The council has opened up the gates to a select few…er… higher class… individuals- you know for the purposes of spouses and such.”

That was a relief, so I’d actually be seeing human beings around here. I was so enthralled about that, that I almost forgot about the cameras… almost.

“Umm… okay? Thanks for informing me. I didn’t think that was part of the deal.”

“It wasn’t, the council revised the contract to add a few… key points.” she replied and once again nodded, nonchalantly, to the cameras.


“Is that even legal?” I questioned, this was just getting weirder and weirder.

“Yes, they forward you the new terms of the agreement this morning to your email on the phone they provided to you.”

“Oh… that email. Okay.” I replied and I could feel my face flush, I’d never been a good liar.

“You did read it, correct?” she replied skeptically.

“Yep, I did. I got it, must have missed a few finer points.” I just wanted to end this chat… as soon as possible. “Well, I better get started setting up camp and such. Thank you for stopping by Clara. I am sure I’ll be seeing you soon- are you one of the “higher” class citizens chosen for this experiment?” I sneered when I said the word… I hated feeling like a science project of sorts.

“No, I am happily married-” she held up her hand and a huge rock sparkled and gleamed in the sunlight “But, good luck Jace. Shall you need anything my number is programmed into your phone. I am the point of contact for you now should you have any questions.” she smiled brightly.

“Err… okay, thanks.” I replied.

“You’re welcome, remember the whole world is watching and cheering for you.” she said quietly before turning her back to get into the cab waiting for her patiently on the curb.

I wanted to scream, and punch something… hard. Having my whole life invaded by strangers was not part of the deal, but what could I do? I noticed a public restroom set up about a block down from where I was standing and practically ran there. I needed to be alone, really alone, to think about all of this.



4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2- Watched”

    1. I know!! I wanted to give the challenge a little twist but I’m still not even sure how it will play out… yet lol 😂😂😂


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