Generation 1, The Hope Legacy

Episode 1.1- Introductions

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“Hello, and welcome to the first episode of Build Newcrest. I’m your host- Eliza Pancakes, and I am here live today bringing you coverage of America’s sweetheart, Jace Hope, journey to find love.” Eliza sighed dramatically and the camera panned over to Jace, who happened to be standing next to Eliza for her entire intro.

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“Jace, how does it feel to be the guy who has stolen America’s heart?” Eliza cooed.

“Uh.. well- I wasn’t aware that anyone knew who I was or what I was doing. But I guess it is… humbling?” Jace replied leaving off his statement on a sort of question mark. Eliza stammered for a second and composed herself.

“Well, we are all so glad that you are here and that we are lucky enough to join in on your first adventure, to find love.” Eliza smiled a large- and very fake looking, smile at Jace.

“Err… thanks.” Jace replied awkwardly.

“Alright, well we are going to let you go get ready before the ladies arrive. I know I speak on behalf of everyone watching, that we’re all rooting for you!” Eliza smiled and stiffly patted Jace on the back.

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“Hello, Jace.” Clara Bjergsen greeted Jace cheerfully with a wave. “I’d like to introduce you to your candidates.”

Jace sighed and as he scanned the women he couldn’t help noticing a young looking blonde girl scowling viciously at Clara.

09-24-17_3-05-11 PM.png

“This is Elsa Bjergsen” Clara said motioning to the angry looking blonde girl. Suddenly, it all made sense to Jace- of course one of Clara’s children would be involved in this and of course she’d be miserable with Clara as a Mother. The girl, Elsa, couldn’t have been over 17- which instantly turned Jace off.

09-24-17_3-05-20 PM.png

Clara ignored Jace’s skeptical glance and proceeded to introduce the other “candidates”.

“And here is Luna Villareal, Cassandra Goth, and finally Nina Caliente.”

09-24-17_3-05-30 PM.png

Nina Caliente looked just as miserable to be here as Jace was feeling on the inside. He instantly felt a softening to her.

09-24-17_3-05-53 PM.png

“Alright, well this is where I leave you… go ahead and mingle and most of all have fun.” Clara flashed her fake smile at Jace and instantly he saw red. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take, and truthfully it was all very awkward for him. Jace sighed and tried to make the best out of this situation, the girls were all clearly beautiful- so maybe this wasn’t going to be too bad after all.

“Can I talk to you?” Nina Caliente said interrupting Jace’s train of thought.

“Sure.” he replied casually, he was a little taken aback by her aggressiveness.

09-24-17_3-07-02 PM.png

“Hi, I’m Nina.” she said cheerfully introducing herself as soon as they were away from the other girls. The cameras were still positioned right in their face’s and Jace was trying his best to just ignore them.

“Hi, Nina. I’m Jace… but you probably already knew that.” Jace laughed lightly.

“Of course I did.” she laughed and playfully punched him on the arm.

“So, why are you really here?” Jace asked carefully, he hoped that he wasn’t coming off too abrasively- but he wondered, why in the world anyone would sign up for this?

09-24-17_3-08-23 PM.png

“Honestly?” she replied thoughtfully “My Mother made me sign up for this, she said it was a way to cement our legacy.” Nina shrugged.

Jace just stared at her, I mean atleast she was honest, but it certainly wasn’t the answer he was hoping to hear. He was thinking something along the lines of “Oh, I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship” or “I saw you on TV and really related to you.”

“Don’t get me wrong though, you’re absolutely gorgeous and I really want to get to know you.” Nina said flirtatiously.

09-24-17_3-06-39 PM.png

“Me?” he laughed nervously “Why though? Do you really want to deal with all of this?” he asked motioning to the cameras and nothingness surrounding them. For a second, he was sure he was breaking some sort of rule- but if the council wanted reality… that’s what they were going to get.

“I don’t mind.” she replied thoughtfully. “I actually think it’s kind of beautiful out here, calming almost. I grew up in Oasis Springs- I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it?” Nina paused and Jace nodded his head yes. “Okay, well then you know it can be a little overwhelming there, and it’s so crime ridden… it’d be nice to be somewhere so peaceful.” she replied cheerfully, and Jace could tell that she actually meant it. When he first saw her overdone perfect hair and makeup paired with her outfit- he wasn’t sure that she really was here for the right reasons… but maybe, she actually was.

“I feel the same way.” he replied and smiled genuinely at her and she fanned herself dramatically.

“You know, that smile is dangerously beautiful- you could knock someone of their feet with that.” Nina said and winked at Jace- and to his surprise he felt like he actually liked her- which was definitely not something he was expecting.





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  1. Really Clara you through your daughter in on the first go round atleast let him dismiss the other girls and then come in later maybe when she’s atleast 21 she’s still a teen right what was she thinking!

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