Generation 1, The Hope Legacy

Episode 1.3- Elimination

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“Good Morning, Jace.” Clara said as she approached Jace and sat down next to him on the bed. “How was your day yesterday? Better than expected?” she asked cheerfully. Clearly she knew the cameras were rolling, because she normally wasn’t this cheerful.

“It was… good. Better than I thought it would be.” Jace replied cautiously.

“I hope you gave each girl sometime with you to get to know them.” Clara narrowed her eyes slightly at him.

“Uh.. yeah, I think I did.” Jace said.

“Well, good. There is the elimination ceremony today, and I want you to think long and hard about who you intend on sending home.” she smiled, but Jace could sense a hint of threat behind her words. Almost as if to say, if you don’t pick my daughter- I am going to make life hell for you.

Jace laughed nervously as Clara abruptly rose from the bed and stormed off camera. Once away from the camera, she shot Jace a nasty… and threatening look. He tried to forget about Clara’s threats as he got ready for the ceremony. The wardrobe people forced him to put on a well tailored suit (even though it was 90 degrees). After the wardrobe department was done fussing over his every look, they forced him over to the ceremony.

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Jace’s breath was taken away when he saw Nina, Elsa, Cassandra and Luna- he thought they had looked beautiful yesterday but today- each of them was glowing.

“Hi…” Jace said awkwardly, he wasn’t really sure what to do- the production team gave him plenty of instruction but he wanted to be honest and real, because that’s who he was. “You all look… stunning.” he said and locked eyes with Cassandra- his heart stuttered a little and quickly he drew his glance to the other girls.

“Jace, please call your first choice.” Clara said from behind him in the same nasty tone he had grown accustomed to.

09-24-17_4-13-02 PM.png

09-24-17_4-14-03 PM.png

“Nina…” Jace said confidently. Nina shot a glance back at Cassandra and approached Jace. Cassandra swore under her breath, her and Nina had their own history… a history she didn’t want to revisit. Her Mom, Bella, had cheated on her Father, Mortimer, with Nina’s then boyfriend, Don Lothario… thing’s had been uncomfortable between them ever since. Cassandra also felt betrayed in a way, she thought her and Jace had a great night together, but she was obviously questioning that now.

After Jace hugged Nina, he proceeded to call Cassandra’s name.

09-24-17_4-14-56 PM.png

She could barely look at him as she approached him. “I’m sorry…” Jace whispered and pulled her into a tight embrace to whisper in her ear, clearly so the camera couldn’t see or hear what he was saying.

09-24-17_4-15-22 PM.png

“Please don’t overthink or question how I feel about you… it’s for the “drama”.” Jace whispered. Cassandra returned his hug and grabbed his hands as they shared a meaningful look between each other.

“Thank you, Jace.” she replied formally.

09-24-17_4-16-19 PM.png

“So this leaves Elsa and Luna… make your last choice wisely, Jace.” Clara said full of false enthusiasm. Her back was turned to the camera but the look she shot Jace was threatening- to say the least. Jace pretended to think about his next choice, very carefully… but really he knew their was no choice.

“Luna.” he said confidently and Clara let out a shocked gasp behind him as Elsa angrily crossed her arms and refused to look at Jace, Luna and Clara.

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“Wow, Mr. Perfect chose me.” Luna said sarcastically.

“If you’ll stay… that is.” Jace laughed. He actually enjoyed the banter between him and Luna.

“Eh… I guess.” Luna shrugged and walked away without another word.

“Jace. May I speak with you. Privately?” Clara hissed.

09-24-17_4-18-15 PM.png

“You made a bad choice, Jace.” Clara said and looked at Jace with a crazy frenzy in her eyes. Jace shrugged.

“Sorry, I can’t bear to even imagine being with one of your evil spawns.” Jace said casually. Clara hissed and Jace laughed and purposely walked back in front of the cameras- Clara wouldn’t dare lose her composure in front of whoever was watching- if anyone was watching.

Jace, however, did feel bad for Elsa- he didn’t really give her a fair chance and she couldn’t help that the devil was her mother.

09-24-17_4-19-09 PM.png

“Hey, Elsa.” Jace said lightly “I just wanted to say I am sorry for not even giving you a chance…”

Elsa scoffed “I didn’t want to be here anyways, you’re totally not my type- dream boat.” she rolled her eyes and Jace laughed. She was clearly the evil spawn of Clara.

“That’s fine…” he replied kindly “Thank you for taking the time to be here though, even if you were forced.”

09-24-17_4-18-46 PM.png

“Don’t worry about it.” Elsa replied “Anything to make Mommy happy.” she said scornfully and looked at Clara with fire in her eyes. Maybe she disliked Clara as much as he did. Elsa raised her arms for a hug and pulled Jace against her paper thin body. “Don’t worry, I won’t let her fuck with you… you’re a good guy- I can tell.” she whispered and released him smiling. Jace couldn’t help but smile back and be grateful for her in that very moment.

“Thank you.” he replied kindly and Elsa winked at him and walked away.











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